Rent To Own The Safe WAy!

Rent To Own The Safe Way!

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Rent To Own Any House Listed for Sale!


Home Ownership is getting harder to qualify these days.  The Stress Test put on buyers has reduced the amount you qualify for.  But if you are tired of being on the rental roller coaster, moving from house to house and want to get your foot in the door to home ownership then Rent To Own might be the right option for you.  Any house listed for sale in your price range  can be used for a Rent To Own.  


The hard earned money and Labour you put into the house will be building equity for you.

We Care About the Details


First we meet and get you pre qualified.  Why?  We want to ensure we are putting you into a house you can afford and will qualify when it becomes time for you to be the owner.  We will need some paperwork from you but don't worry we are only seeing 

how we can help....

Home Ownership


Your satisfaction is our priority and we strive to provide a service we are proud of. We look at homes you want to see in the area you want to live.  We make dreams come true.  Feel free to paint a wall the way your daughter wants it.  Plan that beautiful garden out back. Pssst-  We never say no to the family pet.

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House Hunting!


Tell us what you are looking for and we will help you find the home that fits your life style.

Drafting an offer!


We will draft an offer and submit it.  You are in full control and are kept up to date on how the offer is going, how much to offer, what you would like included. Once accepted we can now inspect the house.

Home Inspection!


A certified Home Inspection will go through the house with you present and the investor.  They will tell you what is wrong with the property or not up to code.  Maybe what to keep an eye on in the future.

Contract signing and Firming up the offer!


After the inspection we will go over the concerns and the contract to ensure everyone understands the house, the contact and the dates,  If you agree to continue with the purchase we firm up on the deal.

Share the big news!


The house of your dreams has now been purchased and you will soon move in. We will now require the deposit and we continue to do all the paperwork with the lawyers while you pack.

Move In Day! Congrats!


On moving Day you move in and enjoy the first step in Home Ownership. At the end of this Rent to Own you will be the Proud Owner of the home you picked.  You can even renovate, bring the dog.

Client Testimonials

It worked for me!

We have turned renters into Happy Home Owners.  We only work with Investors that have the renters best interest at heart.

Jason R.

I was very skeptical at first but the program was easier than I thought.  I had recently separated and hated the thought of just renting another home.  The program was explained very well and in the end my purchase price was $78,000 less than the current Market value.  I'm now a Very Happy home owner. 


 When the process is done correct with the proper pre qualifications on the client we work hard to ensure we get them the house that fits their budget and their family's needs.  We are only out to help renters become home owner and build their future.

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If we don't contact you within 48hrs during the week please call us direct as your information may have not been correct on the application.  It happens....

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